LOOS  v2.3.2
loos::ParserDriver Struct Reference

#include <ParserDriver.hpp>

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Public Member Functions

 ParserDriver (Kernel &k)
 For future parsing...
 ParserDriver (const std::string s, Kernel &k)
 For parsing a string...
void parse (const std::string &s)
 Parse the passed string... More...
void parse (void)
 Calls the Bison parser.

Public Attributes

parser * pparser
LoosLexer * lexer
std::istringstream * isp

Detailed Description

Driver for the Bison parser (to encapsulate data) Can parse from either stdin or a string. Requires a Kernel for storing the compiled Actions

Definition at line 47 of file ParserDriver.hpp.

Member Function Documentation

void loos::ParserDriver::parse ( const std::string &  s)

Parse the passed string...

Note that it is up to the caller to reset the kernel if you don't want to concatenate the commands...

Definition at line 77 of file ParserDriver.hpp.

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