LOOS  v2.3.2
loos.pyloos.subspace Namespace Reference


def subspaceOverlap (A, B, nmodes=0)
def covarianceOverlap (ls, lU, rs, rU, nmodes=0)

Detailed Description

Functions related to subspace calculations...

Function Documentation

def loos.pyloos.subspace.covarianceOverlap (   ls,
  nmodes = 0 
Computes the covariance overlap between two subspaces.
Requires two sets of eigenvalues and corresponding
eigenvector matrices (eigenvectors in the columns).

Be sure that the eigenvalues are scaled appropriately
and that any zero modes are removed, such as when comparing
an ENM result with a PCA result.

Leaving nmodes as 0 will use ALL modes in the overlap.

>>> covarianceOverlap(b2ar_s, b2ar_U, rhod_s, rhod_U)

Definition at line 36 of file subspace.py.

def loos.pyloos.subspace.subspaceOverlap (   A,
  nmodes = 0 
Compute the subspace overlap between two sets of eigenvectors.
If the # of modes is left at 0, then the first 25% of modes are used.
A and B are numpy matrices with the eigenvectors stored in columns.

>>> subspaceOverlap(b2ar_U, rhod_U, 50)

Definition at line 10 of file subspace.py.