LOOS  v2.3.2
loos::internal::XDRWriter Class Reference

Public Types

typedef unsigned int block_type
 Type (and hence size) of the external block.

Public Member Functions

 XDRWriter (std::ostream *s)
 Constructor determines need to convert data at instantiation.
std::ostream * get (void)
 Returns the stored istream pointer.
void setStream (std::ostream *o)
template<typename T >
uint write (const T &p)
 Writes a single datum.
uint write (const double &p)
 Overload for double-precision.
template<typename T >
uint write (const T *ary, const uint n)
 Writes an n-array of data.
uint write (const char *p, const uint n)
 Writes an opaque array of n-bytes.
uint write (const char *p)
 Writes a C-string (ie xdr_string)
uint write (const std::string &s)

Detailed Description

Definition at line 159 of file xdr.hpp.

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