LOOS  v2.3.2
loos::OptionsFramework::TrajectoryWithFrameIndices Class Reference

Trajectory with either a –range or –skip. More...

#include <OptionsFramework.hpp>

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Public Member Functions

std::vector< uint > frameList () const
 Returns the list of frames the user requested.

Public Attributes

unsigned int skip
unsigned int stride
std::string frame_index_spec
std::string model_name
std::string model_type
std::string traj_name
std::string traj_type
AtomicGroup model
 Model that describes the trajectory.
pTraj trajectory
 The trajectory.

Detailed Description

Trajectory with either a –range or –skip.

Adds a model and trajectory argument to the command line, and provides –skip (-k) and –range (-r) options for specifying which frames of the trajectory to operate over.

Use TrajectoryWithFrameIndices::frameList() to get a vector of unsigned ints representing which frames the user requested.

Definition at line 534 of file OptionsFramework.hpp.

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