LOOS  v2.3.2
loos::OptionsFramework::BasicConvergence Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

void addGeneric (po::options_description &o)
 Appends generic options (those that the user can see)
bool postConditions (po::variables_map &vm)
 Post-processing of options returning true if there were no problems, otherwise false. More...
std::string print () const
 Returns a string listing the encapsulated options, suitable for logging.
- Public Member Functions inherited from loos::OptionsFramework::OptionsPackage
virtual void addHidden (po::options_description &opts)
 Appends hidden options (these generally match positional)
virtual void addPositional (po::positional_options_description &opts)
 Appends positional options.
virtual bool check (po::variables_map &map)
 Validates passed options, returning true if there is a problem or false if not. More...
virtual std::string help () const
 Returns a slice of the example command-line in the help output. More...

Public Attributes

uint seed

Detailed Description

Definition at line 15 of file ConvergenceOptions.hpp.

Member Function Documentation

bool loos::OptionsFramework::BasicConvergence::postConditions ( po::variables_map &  map)

Post-processing of options returning true if there were no problems, otherwise false.

postConditions() is called after options parsing and validation is complete. This is a mechanism for a subclass to do additional processing with the options it has been provided. For example, a model option subclass might read in the specified model and copy coordinates from an optionally specified file.

Note that the return value from postConditions() is the opposite of check(). Here, a true is returned if there are no problems.

Reimplemented from loos::OptionsFramework::OptionsPackage.

Definition at line 24 of file ConvergenceOptions.hpp.

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