LOOS  v2.3.2
Voronoi.VoronoiWrapper Class Reference

Public Member Functions

def __init__ (self, atomicGroup, pad=15.0)
def isPeriodic (self)
def num_atoms (self)
def update_atoms (self, atomicGroup)
def generate_padding_atoms (self)
def num_padding_atoms (self)
def get_region_from_atomid (self, atomid)
def generate_voronoi (self)

Public Attributes


Detailed Description

Wrap the scipy Voronoi class, which in turn is a wrapper around QHull.
So, it's a wrapper wrapper, and if this program is called from a script,
then we'd have a wrapper wrapper wrapper.  Now I just need m4 and Tod will 

atomicgroup is a LOOS AtomicGroup
pad is a float specifying how far out we will generate padding atoms 
    (fake "image" atoms used to emulate periodicity).  15 ang is a good 
    default if you're using all atoms or all heavy atoms, but you may 
    need to go farther if you're using a sparser selection (e.g. just 
    lipid phosphates)

Definition at line 47 of file Voronoi.py.

Member Function Documentation

def Voronoi.VoronoiWrapper.generate_padding_atoms (   self)
Build the list of atoms in the periodic images surrounding the central

This is necessary because QHull doesn't know anything about periodicity,
so we need to do fake it; otherwise, you'd have bizarre or infinite
areas for atoms near the edge of the box

Definition at line 81 of file Voronoi.py.

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